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Manage bills and get paid fast and effortless

Easy Process

Import bills from your system, or
Use Bill24 Invoicing (online or connect with QuickBooks offline). Support KHR/USD currency

Trusted Payment Channels

All payment transactions proceed by Bill24 Bank/MFI partners under strict control and regulations


Enable local banks payment channels, VISA/MasterCard/UPI/JCB

Efficient, cost saving

Manage your customer payments with a single bank account, eliminate the need for manual reconciliation with multiple bank statements. Save your time and valuable resources


Go Live in no time! No-code friendly solutions

Easy connect

Ready API, Web & Mobile SDK, Plugins

Payment gateway

Boosting your business’s payment collection is a breeze with our payment gateway. Say goodbye to juggling multiple bank accounts; now, you can streamline everything with just one bank report, even if your customers use different banks. By connecting with Bill24, you gain access to all payment channels across Cambodia, including Bank Mobile apps, counters, and agents, offered by our diverse network of Bill24 Bank/MFI partners. It’s a hassle-free solution that simplifies the entire payment process for any type of business, ensuring a smoother experience for both you and your customers.

QE - Extension for QuickBooks Desktop

QE Extension by Bill24 allows many businesses to extend use of most popular accounting system QuickBooks Desktop. All your data is with you and stored at your premises 


Import all transactions from Excel, POS and other accounting systems.
Export all transactions from QuickBooks

Interface in Khmer and English
Setup all your list items, customers, vendors in QuickBooks as KHMER language
View all financial reports from QuickBooks in KHMER language

Generate TOI
Generate E-Filing, E-VAT reports
All from your QuickBooks Desktop

Take advantage of all localized features of QE Invoice. No more human error, fastest way to create and track invoices

Lease-Sell 360°

Full control over your property sales workflow

Auto generate contracts (deposit, sales, loan, write-off, buy back, ...)
Your customers could pay their schedule payment of loan or term with BANK APPs, ATMs, Agents
Customer management

Projects map with real-time update status
Properties management
Loan management
Commission scheme setup
Income/Expense tracking

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